Toilet Cabins


Toilet cabins from Torring A/S are made of compact laminate, which has a cleaning-friendly and maintenance-free surface. Compact laminate also has high resistance to scratches, cigarette embers, marker pens, etc. The toilet cabins can withstand high-pressure cleaning and strong cleaning agents, ensuring they always appear hygienic and inviting.

Aluminum frames with multiple options

The walls are set up in a sturdy frame construction of anodized aluminum. The profiles have rounded edges, integrated hinges and locks, and closed joints for corners. The self-closing doors can be supplied with or without an external handle, and emergency opening is possible.

Contact us to learn more about the many options regarding colors, designs, and other customization possibilities. Our experienced team is ready to kickstart your project.


  • Easy to clean
  • Maintenance-free
  • Vandal-resistant