Staff lockers


Regardless of the industry, fantastic facilities contribute to enhancing employee satisfaction and the company's image as a workplace. Luxurious staff lockers with storage options for valuables, changing clothes, etc., give employees a good start to the day and show that the company cares about them.

We help find the right solution

Based on the needs of employees and the company, we find the solution that fits. Whether it's about storing clothes, bags, electronics, or other equipment, we have a model in our basic range that you can start with. And if you're already dreaming of a unique solution, we are ready to get creative with you.

Hassle-free access control

All our staff lockers can be equipped with an integrated electronic locking system, where the employee's access card or mobile phone is used to unlock the locker. The system is maintenance-free, and you can either assign each employee a specific locker or let them freely choose between available lockers.


Our entire product range can be customized to your needs. Start by exploring the selection that suits you best, or contact our team to kickstart your project.


  • Manufactured from compact laminate
  • Unique solutions
  • Integrated locking systems