Valuables Lockers


There can be many reasons why customers, guests, or employees need to lock up their valuables. There's no reason it should be inconvenient, neither for the users or for you. With valuables lockers from Torring A/S, you protect both the valuables and your own time.

Simple and secure lock systems

Torring A/S collaborates closely with several lock manufacturers and is happy to provide guidance on specific issues. We can deliver an integrated electronic lock system where the user's mobile phone or credit card is used to lock and unlock the locker. This eliminates the hassle of lost or forgotten keys.

Solidly built

Valuables lockers from Torring A/S are made of compact laminate, an extremely robust and resistant material. The lockers are built around our unique aluminum profile, and the sturdy hinges, tested by the Danish Technological Institute, are an integrated part of the profile. Overall, it provides you with a solid, neat, and inviting valuables locker.

Our entire product range can be customized to your needs. Start by exploring the selection that suits you best, or contact our team to kickstart your project.


  • Locks and unlocks with mobile phone or credit card
  • Secures valuables
  • Robust and resistant compact laminate