Padel Facilities


Changing room lockers and partition walls from Torring A/S are made of compact laminate, which is waterproof, dirt-resistant, impact-resistant, and virtually scratch-free. This makes them particularly suitable for changing rooms in padel facilities, where plenty of guests, frustrated padel players, and rough handling put the materials to the test.

Access-Control Systems that give access to more

All our locker solutions can be equipped with advanced electronic locking systems that can be integrated with a ticket and administration system. Each guest receives a wristband, a key ring, or a card with a built-in chip, which both unlocks the locker and provides access to additional services that have been purchased, such as equipment rental or the purchase of balls and refreshments.

Easy to Maintain and Clean

Changing lockers and changing rooms from Torring A/S are designed with minimal maintenance and easy cleaning in mind. They are built around our unique anodized aluminum profiles that do not corrode. The lockers withstand high-pressure cleaning and are also delivered with a slanted top for easy dusting. This ensures that your changing facilities appear neat and inviting year after year.

Our entire product range can be customized to your needs. Start exploring the selection that suits you best or contact our team to kickstart your project.


  • Manufactured in compact laminate
  • Easy to clean - withstands high-pressure cleaning
  • Option for electronic locking systems/access control