RFID Chip Wristbands


At Torring A/S, we specialize in providing complete RFID chip-based access control systems. A chip wristband is convenient for the user. It's comfortable to wear, available in both child and adult sizes, and it can't be lost or otherwise misplaced, no matter how much one exercises, swims, or rides the water slide. After use, it can be returned to the machine and is quickly ready for the next guest.

Easy to use for guests and employees

With a chip wristband, neither guests nor employees need to worry about lost or broken keys or access cards. The chip is swiped on the locker door, at the access turnstile, or on the door's electronic lock, and if the person has access, the lock opens. This control can be supplemented with a confirmation of the customer's fingerprint if you want to prevent guests from sharing chips or subscriptions.


  • Convenient for the user
  • Time-saving for you
  • Online ordering of new chip wristbands