Access Control


At Torring A/S, we specialize in delivering complete electronic access control systems that can be integrated with your company's ticketing and administration system.


With our access control systems, each guest receives a wristband, a token, or a card with a built-in RFID chip. The chip ensures access to all the services that have been paid for, such as:

  • Wellness center
  • Swimming pool
  • Fitness center
  • Staff entrance
  • Purchases in the café or vending machines

Easy to use for guests and employees

With a chip-based electronic access system, neither guests nor employees need to worry about lost or broken keys. The chip is swiped on the locker door, at the access turnstile, or on the door's electronic lock, and if the person has access, the lock opens. This control can be supplemented with a confirmation of the customer's fingerprint if you want to prevent guests from sharing chips or subscriptions.

Use the lock chip as a payment method

The chip in our electronic access control system can also be used as a payment method. Here, the guest creates an account in the system, and when a credit level is agreed upon or deposited in advance, the guest can use the chip as a payment method with credit or prepayment. This eliminates the need to fumble with bags and wallets in the swimming pool, employee canteen, sports arena, and so on.


  • Access and payment solution
  • Integratable with other systems
  • Time-saving