Locker solutions that simplify administration at educational institutions

At Torring A/S, we have developed lockers for educational institutions where the student's mobile phone or student ID card serves as the key to the locker. This eliminates the hassle of broken or lost keys. Additionally, since the system can be reset centrally, the start of the new academic year becomes easier. You can assign specific lockers to students, or they can choose from the available ones. Features like expiration dates, alarms, and more can also be added.

Neat and inviting year after year

Torring A/S locker solutions are made of compact laminate, which is scratch-resistant and highly resistant to bumps and vandalism. The lockers are built around our unique aluminum profiles, where the hinges are an integrated and sturdy part of the design. These lockers require minimal maintenance and are easy to clean, so they maintain a neat and inviting appearance year after year.

Our entire product range can be customized to fit your needs. Start exploring the selection that suits you best or contact our team to kickstart your project.