Electronic lock systems


Changing room lockers from Torring A/S can be equipped with lock systems that make life easier for both your users and employees. The right lock system saves time and can be integrated with the company's other access control and systems. Torring A/S has a close collaboration with several lock manufacturers and is happy to help find the perfect locking system that matches the company's needs.

Lock systems for educational institutions

Especially for schools and educational institutions, time and resources can be saved with a smarter locking system. Torring A/S can deliver an integrated electronic locking system where the student's ID card or mobile phone is used for the locker. This eliminates the need for administration-heavy deposit systems and the need to break open lockers due to lost or broken keys.

Our entire product range can be customized to your needs. Start by exploring the selection that suits you best, or contact our team to kickstart your project.


  • Leading lock systems
  • Time-saving
  • Integrates with other systems